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Communist Party of China tries to "undo" massacre

Ola Wong wrote in Svenska dagbladet 22of may following that I like to share.

In China, usually politically inconvenient people put under house arrest or detained in other ways before politically sensitive dates. But the 25th anniversary of the massacre at Tiananmen Square on June 4 this year seems to go beyond the ordinary. That's not surprising . President Xi Jinping has let the whip whiz both inside and outside the party since he took over as China's leader in 2012.

Rights lawyer Pu Zhiqiang is one of the crowd jammed in the haul . The circumstances surrounding the arrest has raised concerns that this time he will not be released. He had participated in a small informal memorial service for massacre . Maybe waiting several years in prison. Or worse. Several deaths among activists suggest that the Communist Party has launched a strategy to arrest dissidents to death , writes Renee Xia and Perry Link for The New York Review of Books .

In March , for example, died
rights lawyer Cao Shunli 51 years of age of medical suspected neglect after five months in detention . Both Pu, 49 years old, and the arrested philosophy professor Xu Youyu , 69 years old, suffering from hypertension and diabetes but have got their own medicines seized

The Communist Party would "undo" massacre of pro-democracy movement in 1989 from people's minds, when the military killed hundreds, perhaps thousands of people in Beijing and crushed the protest movement in the rest of the country.

Most people under 40 years are not aware that it happened. But the legacy lives on: Pu Zhiqiang began his activist path in 1989 and has since become one of the core of the band of harsh and loud rights attorneys that has emerged in China. They want political reform and that the law also applies to the party's leadership. Crackdown against them has already begun. "The death-defying lawyers disturb order and is a poisonous cancer on the body politic" the Communist Party's ideological magazine Qiu Shi.

Both activists and party leaders agree that problems such as corruption and the environmental crisis are mortal threat to China. Activists see the expression, empowered citizens and independent legal system solution.

The party however, sees democracy as a mortal threat . President Xi believes in ideological spiritual purification of cadres through self-criticism and propaganda and the internal penal system . Only in 2013 were disciplined 180 000 party cadres in the ongoing campaign against corruption. In just over a year , nearly 60 officers died in mysterious circumstances.

Everyone should be quiet and obedient while economic reforms are made and propaganda and military updated. In this way, hope Xi Jinping and the others in the party nobility secure their family's monopoly of power for eternity .

Pu Zhiqiang , another driving force. I phone interviewed Pu associated with the imprisoned Liu Xiaobo won the Nobel Prize in 2010 (another touchy subject , Pu was then under house arrest ) and asked: All Chinese people know that it is the party that sets the limits of what can be said. Why do you really asking for "trouble" ?

- I do not feel good if I can not say what I think , was Pu Zhiqiangs reply.

Cao Shunlis terrible fate demonstrates the real danger that Pu and the other is in now.

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